Our connected solution aims to offer you a dilator of the future with an all-in-one device that’s connected with a Hyivy Accredited Clinician.

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Hyivy’s Mission

Hyivy Health is currently hard at work to create the first ever holistic pelvic rehabilitation system for the 1-in-3 women who will experience pelvic health problems in their lifetime.

But we can’t do it without you.

Hyivy is currently recruiting patients for focus groups and testing to ensure we create a product that works for you – not one that will just sit in a drawer!

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Coming Soon!

Meet FlooraTM

Pelvic rehabilitation vaginal dilator

1. Easy access buttons

2. Optimized battery life

3. Comfortable handle

4. Ergonomic wand

5. Dilation chambers

6. Heat rings

We are working on providing the first device to include 3-in-1 therapy

Auto dilation

Adjustable settings for
gradual and gentle stretching

Thermal therapy

Exploring ways that thermal
therapy have the potential to
reduce pain, inflammation &
provide comfort

Hyivy App

The data from a therapeutic
session will be tracked
through the secure Hyivy
App and shared in real-time
with clinicians

Hyivy Health Patient App

Our vision is to help you:

Track, monitor, and compare your progress over time

Change protocol from the comfort of your own home – no need to step into an office

Book and manage your appointments with your clinician

Communicate with your clinician remotely through secure video and text

We work alongside amazing clinical study partners at Women’s College Hospital, McMasters University, Grand River Cancer Center and counting!

The Hyivy difference

& what we’re working on bringing to you

Connecting remotely with a Hyivy Accredited Clinician

Using the device from the comfort of your own home

Personalizing education on how to use the therapy with actionable, insightful data

Saving time and money on your pelvic health journey

How it works

Curious to know more? Check out this 2-minute video to learn more about Hyivy Health’s pelvic rehabilitation system.

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